2015 - What's in it for you?

January 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So we are now heading into our 3rd season / year in the Wedding Photography market and it's going to be a really amazing year - we can tell already!

We have some brilliant clients lined up this year and Weddings locally here in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk to plan and shoot. 

So this is year 3 of our original "5" year plan and as the Christmas break seems but a distant memory and the new years celebrations are well over, January's an excellent month to set those goals and plans for the upcoming year.

"Kesgrave Hall Weddings"", "Award winning wedding photography Ipswich"

It need not be too difficult and you are better off keeping all goals and targets realistic but do it now! Don't put it off as you will often find that the "time" to do it on another day has soon come and gone and you've missed the chance.


For example - I'll be completing a photography business course throughout January, February and March as that's an area I haven't ever had any formal training in.

Once that's done during March and April I'll be putting together some new branding and marketing material Ready for 2016 and looking into online contract signing and deposit taking to make the client journey that bit easier.

April sees the real planning and co-ordination of our 2015 weddings start in earnest and all the work involved in delivering award winning photographs to customers and going above and beyond to deliver an outstanding service.

Starting from February we will also be running a mini project helping up and coming local models with their portfolios and providing and assisting them with photography and exposure in the area.


All of the goals we have set for this year are manageable, achievable and most importantly - measurable. All our goals and targets are aimed to make the service we provide that much better and continue to improve our portfolio, client list and customers base.

Whatever your ambitions / goals / targets are for this year we wish you all the best in trying to achieve them - sometimes it's only yourself that's the biggest obstacle to achieving your dream!

Good luck



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